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Why Rome is the greatest romantic city in the world?


“Roma” the romantic city,  spelled backwards gives “amor” , clear proof that the ancient capital of the Roman Empire is one of the most romantic cities in the world . But beyond this curious grammatical detail, how does it deserve this title?

Rome offers couples in love endless places to share unforgettable moments , all year round. At godidico , we want to review the reasons why this city is so romantic, both for its history and its enchanting places.

“Roma” the romantic city,The origins of Valentine’s Day

We must first go back to 3rd century Rome to discover the origins of Valentine’s Day . Around this time, Emperor Claudius II enacted a law preventing young men from marrying . In doing so, he ensured that the men could join the army without having dependent families. But what does a Christian saint have to do with all this history and the famous feast of lovers?

Valentin was a young priest from Rome who opposed the emperor’s ban with all his might. This is how he began to perform marriages in secret. This news was very badly received in the high circles of the time and the priest was imprisoned and then assassinated on February 14th.

Two centuries after the tragic end of Valentin, Pope Gelasius I decided to commemorate the date of his martyrdom by making him a saint, in order to recall the priest’s gesture of love towards so many loving couples.


“Roma” the romantic city, Rome and its spectacular sunsets

“Roma” the romantic city,  spelled backwards gives “amor”
Watching the sunset in the Orange Garden is a must on any romantic getaway to Rome.

Beyond the story of Valentine’s Day , there are many other reasons that make Rome one of the most romantic cities in the world. Watching its idyllic sunsets is a must.

Imagine yourself for a moment with your partner contemplating the sky which is tinged with pink and orange , while the sun sets on the horizon and the dome of the Vatican begins to light up … Simply magical!

Although there are plenty of places to watch the sunset in Rome; we can cite, among the most famous, the Umberto I bridge , the Pincio hill or the orange tree garden . From all these places, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of St. Peter’s Basilica .

“Roma” the romantic city, The Trevi Fountain and declarations of love

“Roma” the romantic city,  spelled backwards gives “amor”
A newlywed couple posing in front of the Trevi Fountain.

If you’re wondering why Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world , of course we have to bring up the legend surrounding one of its most iconic landmarks, the Trevi Fountain .

With its 26 meters high, this monumental building is the highest fountain in the city. Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini were commissioned to design this 18th century monument which pays homage to the sea through the imposing statue of the god Neptune .

This unique place concentrates many legends of Rome. One of the most famous is that of the three coins that you have to throw with your back to the fountain. The first to return to Rome, the second to fall in love and the third to get married. It is perhaps because of this romantic aura that many tourists choose this place to propose their marriage partner . Will you be next?

“Roma” the romantic city, Flowers and passion in the Spanish Steps

Sunset over the Spanish Steps in Rome, with the lampposts on and the steps decorated with pink azaleas.
The famous Spanish Steps, one of the most romantic places in Rome

The Spanish Steps are one of the busiest in the Italian capital. It serves both as a meeting place for the Romans and as a resting place for tourists . Its famous 18th century staircase has appeared in countless films and, like the Trevi Fountain , it is further proof that Rome is indeed one of the most romantic cities in the world.

In the spring, the square is usually decorated with pink azaleas , which gives it an utterly charming appearance. Throughout the year, it is not uncommon to find itinerant sellers offering roses to couples in love.

“Roma” the romantic city, The Legend of the Mouth of Truth

Close-up of the Mouth of Truth, a famous marble disk that, according to legend, detects lies.
The Mouth of Truth, a place to test the truths and lies of the couple.

Want to put your loyalty to the test in the Eternal City ? The Mouth of Truth is one more element that makes Rome the most romantic city in the world. But be careful, this place can also be a place of ruptures.

An ancient legend says that anyone who puts their hand in the mouth of this marble disc while uttering a lie will not come out of this place unscathed. Isn’t this the perfect place to show how real your romantic feelings are?

Located near the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin , this sculpture is so famous that it appears in the 1953 film Roman Holiday , starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck .

“Roma” the romantic city, The traditional charm of Trastevere

The streets of the Trastevere district in Rome, where you can see buildings with ocher and somewhat old facades, covered with potted plants and climbing plants.
Streets of the Trastevere district in Rome.

If you like to discover the more traditional side of the cities you visit, far from the big monuments, Trastevere is the ideal place. Of course, the Colosseum is incredible, as is Piazza Navona or the Sistine Chapel , but Rome has other very romantic places , although less monumental.

This district, which owes its name to its geographical location on the other side of the Tiber, is known for its much quieter atmosphere and its charming pedestrian streets . Undoubtedly the perfect place for a romantic dinner. What more could you ask for in the city of love?

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