The 15 most beautiful beaches in China in 2024

Discover the breathtaking coastal gems of China as we unveil the 15 most stunning beaches that epitomize beauty, tranquility, and natural splendor in 2024.

From the vibrant shores of Hainan Island to the secluded coves of Zhejiang, embark on a virtual journey to China’s coastal wonders that promise sun-kissed sands and crystal-clear waters.

Perhaps the best beach in China is Yalong Bay in Sanya. It stands out for its particularly clean nature and excellent infrastructure. Also discover Hainan, a typical vacation island that is considered the “Hawaii of the East” where there is no shortage of superb beaches.

Which beach to choose when traveling to China?

1. Yalong Bay, Sanya

On the tourist island of Hainan, warm temperatures reign all year round. So enjoy Yalong Bay, the most popular of the island’s many beaches where the clear water and multicolored coral reefs invite swimming and diving. Here the luxury hotel complexes offer possibilities for rental of pleasure boats or even golf courses. Finally, don’t miss the 27 meter high totem located in the middle of the beach, on which motifs from Chinese mythology are engraved such as dragons, phoenixes or the gods of sun, wind, rain and thunder.

View of Yalong Bay beach in Sanya, Hainan, China

2. Dadonghai Beach, Sanya

To best enjoy Dadonghai Beach, simply lie down in the shade of the palm trees on the white sand and breathe in the clean sea air. Just the view of the blue water in front of the Tui Jiwei and Liu Hui Tou mountains is like a wellness cure. As you stroll along the coast, stop at the leisure park which has attractions like a pirate ship or a carousel, and visit a coastal park with a lovely pavilion on a small mountain where you’ll have stunning views on Dadonghai.

People on sandy Dadonghai Beach in Sanya, Hainan, China

3. Tianya Hijiao, Sanya

Tianya Haijiao is known for its romantic atmosphere, making it the location of an annual international wedding festival as well as a lantern festival, which attracts many couples. The name of the beach, which means « end of the world » also comes from a romantic legend and represents eternal love. This one is engraved on two large rocks in the middle of the beach. Wander here to find the best spot to enjoy the golden sand and gentle waves, or snorkel among the corals and schools of fish.

Rocks in the water at the edge of Tian Ya Hai Jiao Beach near Sanya city, Hainan, China.

4. Sanya Bay, Sanya

As its name suggests, it is also one of Sanya’s many beaches. Thanks to its more than 15 kilometers in length and its great width, it hardly ever seems crowded despite its popularity. Indeed, Sanya Bay offers plenty of space for jogging or walking. The water is neither too calm nor too rough, making it suitable for swimming or surfing. With a bit of luck, you may also spot dolphins in the sea here, such as the rare Chinese white dolphin .

View of the sea on the sand with Sanya city in the background in Hainan, China

5. Holiday Beach, Haikou

In addition to Sanya, Haikou, the island’s capital, also attracts visitors with its beaches, particularly Holiday Beach. It has a quality tourist infrastructure which includes countless restaurants, an amphitheater and the possibility of practicing all kinds of sports, whether swimming, kitesurfing and sailing, or even jogging, beach- volleyball and football. In addition, the city pays particular attention to the cleanliness of its beach. So don’t wait any longer to discover this green region with its palm trees, herbs and flowers.

People on the sand with Haikou city in the background, Hainan, China.

6. Shilaoren, Qingdao

Shilaoren which means “old stone man” owes its name to the emblematic 17 meter high rock found on the beach. According to legend, it represents a petrified fisherman waiting for the return of his granddaughter, herself transformed into a reef. Here discover the picturesque setting offered by the bay, into which the calm and gentle waves fit perfectly. In the evening, the lighting makes the place even more welcoming. Also take advantage of the various equipment available for rental directly on the beach for water and sports activities.

People on the sand at Shilaoren Beach, Qingdao, China.

7. Golden Beach, Qingdao

Located on the outskirts of Qingdao, amidst a beautiful hilly landscape, Huang Dao or Golden Beach is very popular. Outside of high season, especially during the week, this beach is quieter than Argent Beach, located further to the south. In addition, it is one of the best places to take a peaceful afternoon stroll or go paragliding and jet-skiing. Finally, relax with one of the delicious snacks before going shopping at one of the many kiosks or souvenir stands.

Sea view on Golden Beach, Qingdao, China.

8. Qingdao No.1 Beach, Qingdao

With its popularity and its area of ​​3.5 hectares, Qingdao No.1 Beach does not have this name for nothing. Indeed, here the surrounding mountains create a lovely landscape and also protect the bay from the wind. So you can swim in the sea in complete tranquility and with almost no waves. In the second week of August, an international beer festival is organized on the beach. Finally, not far from there, also discover the largest park in Qingdao, Zhongshan Park, as well as Little Fish Hill, a hill which offers a magnificent view of the city.

Aerial view of Qingdao No.1 Beach, China.

9. Beidaihe Beach, Qinhuangdao

Beidaihe Beach is Beijing’s premier beach vacation destination. It has a long history, being one of the first places in China to be open to tourism. Here Lianfeng Mountain, covered with green vegetation, overlooks the seaside resort. Take advantage of the calm, gentle waters for swimming or practicing water sports like sailing or surfing, accessible even to beginners in the Tiger Stone Park area, where the rock formations resemble tigers. Finally, don’t miss the other highlight of the city of Beidaihe which is the beginning of the Great Wall of China.

View of Beidaihe Beach at sunset, Qinhuangdao, China.

10. Golden Beach, Zhuhai

Qingdao is not the only region with a golden beach. Indeed, Zhuhai in Guangdong is also home to one. With its sparkling sand and clear, clean water, it invites you to sunbathe, swim or take a walk. As in most Chinese vacation spots, there are many activities: water sports, maze, farm, laser tag course or barbecue areas. So, it’s hard to get bored here. Finally, to vary the pleasures, Zhuhai has several other beaches, the magnificent New Yuan Ming Palace and exciting metropolises like Hong Kong or Macau.

Aerial view with a bridge in the background on Xianglu Bay beach in Zhuhai, China

11. Golden Pebble Beach, Dalian

On a trip to Jinshi, also called Golden Pebble, discover a beach ideal for swimming or water sports. Much of the coast here has been designated as a geopark due to its strange rock formations, often shaped like animals. This beach is also very popular for dolphin watching. In addition, throughout the year, events such as an international beach culture festival or a winter swimming festival are regularly organized here. Finally, be sure to visit the wax figure museum and the region’s huge floral center. 

View of the beach and sea with buildings in the background, in Dalian, China.

12. Fujiazhuang, Dalian

Although not necessarily spectacular at first glance, Fujiazhuang pebble beach with its 548 meter long coastline offers plenty of activities. Its strong point is the clear blue water, ideal for swimming, surfing or fishing. Take long walks in the large park nearby and join the many locals who like to come here to play sports or enjoy barbecues. Finally, photo enthusiasts will find what they are looking for both on the beach and in the park, with some pretty stone sculptures to photograph.

Aerial view of umbrellas on the beach in Dalian, China

13. Silver Beach, Beihai

With its 24 kilometers of sand, it is one of the longest beaches in China. It owes its name to its sand with exceptional white and silver reflections. For those who like to be active, practice snorkeling, parasailing, motorboating, volleyball or football. Additionally, the beach also includes two parks with entertaining activities like go-karting, an outdoor dance floor or a marine biology museum. Finally, in the middle of the beach, explore the “bridge of the immortals” where according to legend a Japanese monk saw a rainbow falling from the sky and transformed into a bridge.

Coconut baskets on Silver Beach in Beihai, China

14. Thousand-step beach, Putuoshan

Mount Putuoshan, located on the island of the same name, is one of the four sacred mountains of Buddhism in China. This is dedicated to the goddess Guanyin. So, here you can easily combine your seaside vacation with cultural activities. Indeed, from Putuoshan, the cities of Shanghai or Hangzhou are very accessible. On the island, you will first be greeted by the 33-meter-high golden statue of the goddess of grace, Guanyin. Then enjoy the heavenly beach of Miles Pas with its soft golden sand at your leisure. Finally, allow some time to visit the pretty temples of Puji, Fayu and Huiji.

Rocks on the beach in Putuoshan, Zhoushan Islands, China

15. Dameisha, Shenzhen

Mainly known for being a technological metropolis, Shenzhen hides another side. Indeed, you can also spend a beach vacation there. For example, practice all kinds of outdoor activities in all seasons at Dameisha, with its light and soft sand. Settle into one of the many quality restaurants and cafes. Finally, in the Dameisha Beach Park area, lined with more than 50 species of subtropical trees, enjoy magnificent spaces for swimming, barbecues and even sports.


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