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When you opt for a cheap travel to Europe, the city of Amsterdam should be your best choice. The city offers cheap relatively compared to most European cities but not sacrificing the quality of the trip.

Amsterdam and especially Amsterdam hotels may not be known for affordability, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to travel the country on a budget. The experienced thrifty traveler knows how to visit even the most expensive countries for less – you just have to follow the insider secrets, and choose to find the best rates for your hotel and flight booking.

The city…

Amsterdam is undoubtedly a beautiful city. No wander it is the fourth most visited cities in the region just after Paris, Rome, and London. Most of the population speaks either French or German or both. The people also can speak English and Dutch as well. The area is relatively flat. You cannot find slopes and hills unlike other European cities. If you want to roam Amsterdam by foot, it is very conducive for hiking. This would save you from the trouble of renting a car or hiring a taxicab to transport you within the city. And since Amsterdam has lots of sights to offer, hiking would be fill up the day while spending some time on different attractions the city has to offer.

If you don’t feel the idea of hiking, Amsterdam provides not only cheap but free transportation. White-bikes are located in abundance in the city. In fact there are over 700,000 bikes waiting for you. You can hop on one of these communal bikes at one place then drop it off on the other. They are stationed in different point of the city so you won’t get a hard to locate one.

Not into biking and hiking but still opting for cheap Amsterdam vacation? You can always ride any of the public transportation within the city. Amsterdam offers some of the best train, bus, and tram systems in Europe. They are cheap and the service is extremely good.

The attraction…

Amsterdam is lined with several museums and monuments often time just a shot away from one another. To be exact, Amsterdam has 42 museums and almost 7,000 monuments within its limits. And if you want to visit them without confusion, the city has prepared 7 waking routes, marked especially for you.

You can see the works of Hals, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and several other world-renowned artists in Amsterdam’s most famous museum- the Rijks museum. A Van Gogh admirer? Vincent Van Gogh has his own museum located near Rijks. For a more contemporary and modern pictures, paintings, and pottery, you can visit Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. For a closer feel of Amsterdam during the 1600s, you can visit the Museum Willet-Holthuysen that is considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

When you visit during summer (July-August), expect to see bed of Tulips along with other Holland’s pride- narcissus, daffodils, and other flowers.

Canal attraction is superb. During summer, you can tour the city by boat. The city’s canal stretches up to 100KM giving you an alternative way to see the city. During winter, the same canal freezes and transforms into a sporting site where skating events take place.

The rates…

Amsterdam is not a typical European city where you have to spend so much to survive. It does not charge premium rates like any other European cities. You can stay at one of the hostels in Amsterdam under $70. Dining is also very affordable in the city. You can survive a decent meal for under $15. Transportation is also cheap. Tram pass could be purchase at around $5 for unlimited ride for the day.

Picturesque view and rich culture and history give every reason to travel to Amsterdam. And with prices are relatively cheap, you surely would enjoy your stay at Amsterdam

A person has to eat

In Amsterdam, you’re going to need to eat at some point in time. It’s possible to enjoy some fantastic grub on a budget if you know where to look.

Bars and coffee shops also sell food, which usually costs much less than meals in a restaurant. A variety of delicious sandwiches are available in these establishments for a very low price.

Amsterdam is famous for its pancake houses – they are the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat for a good price. But don’t expect American style pancakes – the Dutch version, called pannekoeken, is made with many different ingredients, and can provide a very satisfying meal to hungry travelers.

Another tip: vegetarian and whole food restaurants offer moderately priced food and a healthy dining experience. If you’re not into vegetarian, check out the Leidseplein district – here you can find Greek, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and Indonesian food in addition to the traditional Dutch delicacies. In this area prices are competitively priced.

While you’re on the move, grab some frites (which are just French fries). This snack is cheap and tasty, and is served in a paper cone with mayonnaise instead of ketchup. Or, if you don’t mind the taste of herring, grab a herring on a bun (haring broodje) almost anywhere in the city for a decent price.

Or, buy your entire meal from a vending machine – in Amsterdam, vending machine meals are sold for low prices! For dessert, try a stroopwafel. You can find this in supermarkets and fresh from street vendors. It’s simply a thin cookie resembling a waffle, filled with yummy caramel.

Finally, avoid the eateries directly in tourist areas. Stray off the beaten path just a little and you’ll find much more affordable food that tastes delicious. Another tip: dine at one restaurant a day, and purchase the rest of your food from markets and grocery stores. This will pare down your food budget considerably and it’s a great way to cut down on vacation costs.

Amsterdam doesn’t have to be expensive, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation to this wonderful city with and you’ll be enjoying a vacation without paying through the nose.

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