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6 of the world Most Extreme Tourist Attractions


Extreme Tourist Attractions in the World – Going on a trip around the world to various countries is indeed fun. However, for some people, it is a stressful and adrenaline-pumping tour that is actually sought after and in demand though risky

Starting from locations that are on the edge of high cliffs to steep and rocky mountains. Curious what are the extreme tours in the world? The following is a complete explanation summarized from several sources.  

6 Extreme Tourist Attractions In The World

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1-Extreme Tourist Attractions : Angel Falls, Venezuela

Extreme Tourist Attractions
The Coolest Vacation Place in the style of Disney Movies, like a fairy tale

Angel Falls is located in Venezuela and is right on the Rio Caroni which is in the middle of a mountainous region in a remote part of Canaima National Park, southeast of Venezuela. This waterfall has a height of 979 meters and Angel Falls has the title of being the highest waterfall in the world.

Uniquely, this waterfall is also known as El Salto Angel, the name is taken from the name of a pilot who introduced this waterfall to the world, James Crawford Angel. Having the title as the highest waterfall in the world makes Angel Falls not easy to visit. It’s a long journey starting with a plane ride from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima Camp. Followed by a canoe ride down the river that flows through the waterfall for at least three days.

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2- Extreme Tourist Attractions : Swallow’s Nest or Fortress of Love, Ukraine

Extreme Tourist Attractions
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ukraine Full of History
Extreme Tourist Attractions

This swallow’s nest in Ukraine is a decorative castle located in Gaspra and stands as a quaint vestige of the Russian Empire. This castle is located on the shores of the Crimean Sea which promises a very beautiful view. However, behind that, the location tends to be dangerous because it juts into the edge of the cliff beneath the sea. Swallow’s Nest was built between 1911 and 1912, at a height of 40 meters. In 2011, after restoration, Swallow’s Nest was reopened as a public museum.

Source: diadona.id

3-Extreme Tourist Attractions Meteora, Greece

Extreme Tourist Attractions-Meteora, Greece

Meteora is a rock formation in Greece. It is located on the northwest edge of the Thessalian Plain, close to Kalambaka, the Pineios River and the Pindus Mountains. Meteora itself is adapted from the word meteor, and in Greek it means hanging in the air or above the sky. There are six monasteries that stand on it and are deliberately preserved by including it on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The monastery in Meteora was deliberately built on a steep cliff surrounded by rounded hills and is located about 400 meters above the Peneas valley.

Source: phinemo.com

4- Extreme Tourist Attractions : Mount Thor, Canada

Extreme Tourist Attractions
Canada's Mount Thor, The Most Vertical and Life-Threatening Mountain
Extreme Tourist Attractions

This mountain tour is named after the Norse god of Thunder which means Mount Thor. In fact, Mount Thor is said to have the highest vertical rock face in the world at 4,101 feet. This mountain has a very steep surface of up to 105 degrees and is one of the most difficult rock formations to climb. Mount Thor is part of Auyuittuq National Park, on Baffin Island, in Northern Canada.

Source: sworld.co.uk

5-Extreme Tourist Attractions : Saint-Michael d’Aiguilhe, France

Extreme Tourist Attractions
Saint-Michel D'aiguilhe Chapel ... - Secret World
Extreme Tourist Attractions

Mont Saint Michel or commonly called the island of tides is one of the islands located in Normandy, and is located one kilometer from the north coast of France. The island is only inhabited by 44 residents, most of whom are monks and nuns. Uniquely, this island will float during high tide. Mont Saint Michel is connected to the mainland via a naturally formed bridge. At high tide, the bridge will be covered by water.

Source: chinese.org

6-Extreme Tourist Attractions : Hanging Temple, China

Extreme Tourist Attractions
Hanging Temple (悬空寺) in Datong Shanxi China » Indonesian Chinese
Extreme Tourist Attractions

The Hanging Temple is commonly known by the real name Xuankong Chaoyang. This tour is located about 5 km west of Qixian City and is built on a hillside and on a cliff. The shape of the building looks like a pavilion in the sky and looks like it has been hanged. This one tour bordering Mount Chaoyang is known for its beautiful and exotic scenery. Decorated with pine trees, spruce, to various flowers.

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