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#1 Travel insurance comparison to avoid been scammed


Travel insurance has become essential protection. Of course, nothing obliges you to subscribe to one, but our travel insurance comparison, will explain you , what is the best travel insurance for your next trip.

However, in the event of hospitalization, medical expenses or repatriation, you will realize that you have just avoided sometimes extremely heavy expenses that you would not necessarily have been able to assume. 

Let’s do a small comparison of travel insurance to better understand the offer available to you and the coverage offered.

Travel insurance comparison, How to choose travel insurance?

Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?

You can’t rely on chance to buy quality travel insurance. Prices, guarantees, everything must be studied in advance to be certain that your stay abroad will take place under the best auspices.

Travel insurance comparison

What are the criteria to compare when choosing travel insurance?

To find good travel insurance, you need to consider a number of criteria. As with any insurance, of course, you must consult the guarantees in order to ensure a very good level of protection. But that’s not all. Beyond the reimbursement of medical expenses, repatriation, coverage of bodily injury and material damage, you must study the following elements:

  • Price ;
  • Options offered capable of adapting to specific trips;
  • Compensation ceilings;
  • Exclusions.

Travel insurance comparison

what should a good travel insurance include?

Good travel insurance should include the coverage you need. There is no point in taking full cover if it does not correspond to your trip, the risks involved, etc. In reality, there is no good or bad insurance, you must take out the most personalized contract possible.

However, it should be said that a travel insurance worthy of the name must include the basic guarantees, namely;

  • medical expenses;
  • Assistance and repatriation;
  • Civil liability.

These guarantees are essential and apply to all travellers.

Travel insurance comparison

Which companies offer travel insurance?

As you have seen in our comparative table of travel insurance, the list of insurers is long, and it is not exhaustive here.

  • Among the most famous companies in the travel insurance sector, it is impossible not to mention Chapka . A benchmark in the field, it offers a wide range of guarantees for optimal cost coverage.
  • We should also mention Avi International , another specialist in insurance for a trip abroad. Romantic weekend, world tour, working holiday or short stay dedicated to adventure, this insurer also offers a range of protections.
  • Another big name in travel insurance: Europ Assistance . Get a personalized quote to find out what warranties you can claim.
  • Then, you can find the biggest insurance brands like Axa , Allianz Travel , April , etc.
Travel insurance comparison

How to choose the right travel insurance?

Comparing. There is no secret, when we talk about the world of insurance, using a comparator is a natural choice. Each insurance company determines its rates and guarantees, a comparison is essential to find the cover that really suits you. This should address several issues:

  • Destination of your stay abroad;
  • Duration of your trip;
  • Nature of the trip (professional, studies, tourism, au pair, discovery, adventure, etc.);
  • Desired guarantees and options;
  • People you go with.
Travel insurance comparison

Why do travel insurance prices vary so much?

The prices of insurance contracts are calculated according to a risk. An insurance company is not a philanthropist, it must constantly anticipate. It must estimate the risk in order to define the amount of compensation that it would be likely to grant you.

For example, if you go on a trek in the heart of the Amazon, you are more likely to sprain your ankle or be injured by a snake than if you go on a weekend trip to Rome . Likewise, going to India increases your chance of suffering from food poisoning.

Another important point : the price of health expenditure. If you go to the United States , the price of hospitalizations is excessive, the travel insurance must be able to take this into account.

The price of insurance is therefore consecutive to the level of risk. Then, if the prices vary from one travel insurance company to another, it is simply because the services are not always the same. Deductibles, compensation caps, two contracts that look alike are not necessarily equivalent.

Finally, an insurer is a merchant. It is free to set its prices. Some prefer to play on the quantity by making less margin, others charge the high price. This is why a careful comparison is really necessary before leaving on a trip.

Travel insurance comparison

What is the cheapest travel insurance?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to answer this question. Take a look at our travel insurance comparison table, it will give you an idea. However, the comparison must be made on an equal basis. It is very easy to be cheaper if the coverage is less.

Some insurers offer very low prices with minimal cost coverage. Others offer a cheap travel insurance contract with limited repatriation assistance due to various exclusions.

Of course, the budget is an important concept and it is he who will be the judge at the time of choice. However, we can only invite you to take a good look at the covers offered. Indeed, making savings on your contribution to then have to pay very high health costs, is not necessarily the right solution. Taking out good travel insurance right from the start allows you to control your budget afterwards.

Travel insurance comparison, Which insurance for which type of trip?

Travel insurance comparison

What if I’m only leaving for a few weeks?

Enjoy! But to take advantage, you have to leave with peace of mind and, above all, avoid disappointments, both in terms of health and financially.

If the duration of the stay can impact the nature of the guarantees, this does not mean that you should do without protection for a short stay. The risk of injury, food poisoning or trip disruption does exist. Even upstream, the risk is present. In the event of trip cancellation, if you have taken out such a guarantee, you will appreciate not having to finance a trip that you will not enjoy. Plane ticket, hotel, depending on the level of guarantee, full coverage is possible if you can no longer leave.

Travel insurance comparison

Is it important to read your entire contract, even the small lines?

It is even the basis of any travel insurance comparison. Most insurance companies will offer you guarantees that are fairly equivalent at first glance. It is therefore not the most important element to take into consideration. It is these famous little lines of the general and specific conditions that will make all the difference. It is indeed here that you will discover the deductibles and, above all, the waiting periods and the exclusions to the contract. You will learn that such a risk is not covered, that hospitalization costs are not covered in the event of an accident resulting from the practice of extreme sports, etc.

Travel insurance comparison

Which insurance to choose for a one-year world tour?

For a world tour, it is important to take out comprehensive travel insurance. Why ? Quite simply because the longer the stay, the more different the countries crossed, the greater the risk. Let’s take basic medical expenses. If you’re going away for two weeks, chances are you won’t need to see a doctor.

On the other hand, if you leave for a year, this risk increases. Just imagine your situation, in France, for a year. Most people go to the doctor at least once a year for sore throat, gastroenteritis, flu, etc. These are sometimes benign conditions, but which require consulting a doctor and taking medication. However, in these certain countries, medical costs are exorbitant.

On the other hand, during a world tour, you will walk to discover new horizons. You are therefore more likely to injure yourself . For example, you may be traveling through hostile territories and encounter poisonous animals. You will want to discover the local gastronomy or simply drink water and suffer from intoxication. Of course, you can leave for a year without needing medical support, but are you really ready to take the risk of not being properly insured?

As part of a world tour, repatriation insurance can also be important. If you are not injured yourself, remember that a year is a long time. If something happens to one of your relatives in France, be aware that travel insurance can offer repatriation assistance with payment of your plane ticket to join your family.

The more you multiply the risks, the more it is advisable to take out comprehensive insurance. Admittedly, this has a cost, but paying a lot is no longer inevitable since it is possible to calmly compare travel insurance online.

Travel insurance comparison

Which insurance should I choose if I am a digital nomad ?

The digital nomad has made a particular choice: to travel the world while working. Of course, that makes you dream. A computer, an internet connection, a beach, many dream of living this quirky life full of discoveries.

Like any traveler, the digital nomad must take out insurance. Not because it is an obligation, but simply because he too, far from home, may have to face health expenses.

Because digital nomadism is an increasingly trendy way of life, some insurers like Avi Assurance have chosen to offer digital nomad insurance adapted to the needs of these expatriate workers. Because they are away from France for a long time, because they have to move from one country to another, insurance covers them in the event of illness or accident, or even early return.

How to be sure if we are in a relationship?

You have the option of taking out individual insurance, so everyone will be protected during your trip abroad. But some companies like Chapka Assurances offer insurance for couples. This allows you to benefit from a 5% discount on your coverage. It suffices for this, at least, to justify a common life.

Travel insurance comparison

How to insure all family members?

To insure all the members of your family, there is not necessarily a specific contract. Thus, you will have to choose the best guarantees for you, your spouse and your children and indicate the beneficiaries of the guarantees taken out. Naturally, this will affect the amount of the premium.

Why take out travel insurance?

If we insist on the fact that taking out travel insurance is to be considered, it is simply because it can be really useful to you. Let’s take a look at the interest of this insurance and the reasons that will push you to take out such a guarantee.

What is travel insurance used for?

We have mentioned it several times, travel insurance is coverage that protects you when you go on a trip. Whether you leave for 10 days, 3 months or a year, it doesn’t matter, this insurance is a must. It protects you if you encounter health problems, if you have to be repatriated, hospitalized, etc. In the same way as you are used to insuring yourself in France, you must protect yourself abroad.

Why take travel insurance?

Taking travel insurance is protecting yourself. On a daily basis, you accumulate insurance: home insurance, car insurance, mutual health insurance, provident insurance, legal protection insurance, life accident insurance, etc. If you take stock, you will realize that, like many French people, you are multi-insured. Why ? Simply because the risk is daily. 

This is not about worrying all the time, but about protecting yourself when needed .

By going abroad, you run at least the same risks as in France. We say at least because, depending on the nature of the trip you are making, you can multiply the risks.

Taking out travel insurance means you don’t have to pay up front . This is an important point to respect your holiday budget. This can also allow you to benefit from assistance , whether you have a health problem or a legal problem on the spot.

Finally, this makes it possible to compensate for significant expenses in countries which sometimes charge very high prices for health.

What risks does travel insurance cover?

Traveler’s insurance will cover different risks, it all depends on the level of guarantee that you will take out according to your profile. If you take out full insurance, you can benefit from the following guarantees:

  • Coverage of medical care : this concerns consultations with doctors, reimbursement of medicines, additional examinations, etc. ;
  • Hospitalization : whether you are simply hospitalized or need to be operated on, travel insurance accompanies you by covering your expenses;
  • Civil liability : if you injure someone or if you break something, the insurance compensates the third party;
  • Assistance and repatriation : you need to return to France because you are injured, ill, or because you have lost a loved one and want to be present, this cover pays for your plane tickets;
  • Luggage insurance : if you lose your luggage, you are entitled to compensation;
  • Trip cancellation : if you can no longer leave, your travel insurance will reimburse your costs (plane ticket, accommodation, etc., depending on the cover taken out);
  • Travel modification : an event prevents you from taking your plane and you have to postpone your trip or modify your route, this guarantee allows you to change your ticket;
  • Search and rescue costs : you are injured in the middle of the desert or in the heart of a forest, your travel insurance will pick you up;
  • Guarantee for the practice of sports : if you are injured while playing sports during your stay abroad, you are covered. Beware, however, of any exclusions;
  • Legal assistance : because you do not necessarily know the laws in force in the countries you cross, this guarantee is essential. It allows you to benefit from the assistance of your insurance company, which will be able to take charge of your file and, above all, defend you in the local language.

Travel insurance comparison

What type of travel insurance should I choose for my trip?

It will depend on the nature of your trip. There are several types of insurance, namely:

  • Short trip ;
  • Long-stay trip;
  • Au pair insurance;
  • Students and interns abroad;
  • Working holiday permits (PVT);
  • Expatriate;
  • Digital nomad.
Travel insurance comparison

Is credit card insurance sufficient for a trip?

With credit card insurance, whether you have a Visa card, a Visa Premier card or a Mastercard Gold card, it is very likely that the protection will not be sufficient to travel with complete peace of mind.

For one thing, these cards only offer protection for 90 days. For a world tour, it will not be enough. In addition, you must have paid for your trip with your bank card. If your stay was offered to you, again, the guarantee is compromised.

Finally, take a look at the warranty conditions. If a top-of-the-range card can allow you to benefit from correct guarantees, the ceilings and deductibles may not correspond to your expectations.

How am I covered by Social Security abroad?

If you are going to Europe, ask for the European Social Security Card (EHIC). This ensures reimbursement of health costs in the European Economic Area and in the European Union. Outside this zone, you will have to make an advance payment and make a request for reimbursement on your return. Be careful, if the fees are expensive in some countries, your coverage will not be full. In addition, this only concerns unforeseen and urgent care.

Health and travel insurance

Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?
Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?

What are the risks if I leave without travel insurance?

The risk is simple: without travel insurance abroad, you will have to advance the medical costs, or even pay them yourself. You will have no assistance in the event of trip cancellation, accident, dispute, etc. In short, you will have to financially assume all the costs and manage on your own, in a country that you do not necessarily know.

How are medical expenses covered?

The coverage is consecutive to the level of your insurance. If you do not have any costs in advance, be aware that a compensation ceiling may force you to pay part of the expense despite everything.

The higher your warranty, the greater your coverage.

What are the differences between insurance, assistance and civil liability?

Insurance is the protection part that provides coverage for medical care, hospitalization, etc. Assistance is a guarantee that offers you support. It is she who is by your side, for example, if a repatriation must be considered. It can also cover your legal fees. Finally, civil liability is a guarantee of travel insurance that offers compensation to the third party you injure or to whom you damage personal property.

Are sports covered by travel insurance?

It depends ! Here again, the warranties prevail. There is, within the travel insurance, a sports guarantee. You go to the other side of the world and participate in a tennis tournament, you go surfing, your guarantee can play. On the other hand, pay attention to the exclusions. Extreme sports are not always taken into account. A parachute accident in South America will not necessarily be compensated.

FAQ Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?

Useful Questions

Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?

Is travel insurance compulsory for travel?

No, travel insurance is not compulsory, it is up to you to decide if you want to be protected. Be careful, however, 4 countries in the world require you to take out travel insurance to enter the country: Cuba , China , Algeria and Russia .

Thailand is, for its part, in the process of taking measures to limit the cost of health costs dedicated to tourists. In the short term, travel insurance should become mandatory in this country. If you cannot present a certificate, you will have to pay around 100 baht (about 3€) when entering the country.

What travel insurance do we have by default?

By default, you will benefit from insurance for medical expenses and hospitalization, repatriation assistance and civil liability abroad.

Who bears the medical costs abroad?

It will depend. If you go to the European Union or the European Economic Area, it is Social Security, via your European card, which takes care of the care. In other countries, this will be your travel insurance. Social Security can reimburse you for certain urgent and unforeseen expenses, however you will have to make an advance payment. In addition, the fees are high in some countries, you will not necessarily be reimbursed 100%.

What are the main exclusions for medical expenses?

Depending on the contract you have signed, read the small lines of the general and individual conditions carefully to avoid any surprises. In fact, this is where the exclusions for medical expenses appear. Here are some exclusions that may appear in the contract:

  • You were already sick before leaving;
  • Optical costs;
  • Dental care ;
  • Monitoring visits;
  • Comfort care such as cosmetic surgery;
  • Alternative medicine, rehabilitation.

Is cancellation insurance required?

It is not mandatory, but it is preferable. If you can’t leave, it would be a shame to pay cancellation fees and lose your investment. This warranty provides you with compensation. Attention, according to the insurance companies, the conditions are not the same.

Very often, the cancellation of the trip must be linked to an unforeseeable and sudden event, beyond your control.

Why do you need a travel insurance certificate?

The travel insurance certificate can be presented to health professionals if necessary. But it will also be useful for you to travel to countries that require you to take out travel insurance to obtain a visa like Russia, China or Algeria . To enter Cuban territory, again you will have to present your travel insurance certificate. Otherwise, you will have to take out insurance on site, or return to France.

Does travel insurance work when I return to France?

No, travel insurance covers you during your trip abroad. Note, however, that if you have to return for some time before leaving, there is a trip interruption guarantee which allows you not to pay for guarantees which you no longer benefit from temporarily.

Are there countries not covered by travel insurance?

Travel insurance may not apply in some countries at war or when the situation is unstable. Here are some typical cases of exclusion:

  • Allianz Travel : North Korea;
  • Ava : Syria, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Crimea;
  • Chapka and ACS exclude all countries at war;
  • Avi : North Korea, Syria and Crimea;
  • Axa : Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, North Korea.


Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance? Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?

Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance? Travel insurance comparison, What is the best travel insurance?

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